"You can have the greatest product or service, plenty of money to promote it but if you don't know marketing you have nothing. Ali Pervez knows the importance of marketing and has put together some common sense concepts that are sure to bring you success."

Joseph Sugarman, Chairman
BluBlocker Corporation



"I love Get Your Black Belt in Marketing. The book is a jewel, and a must for anybody serious about succeeding in business."

Joe Girard
The World's Greatest Salesperson



"The book that you have written, above all will serve to help all and anyone whom has read it. It's not only designed for those people in marketing who have already made it, but will serve to help people whom have not yet reached their goals yet. This book will certainly help them get there. Whatever field you may be in, this book will certainly help you reach the goals of where you want to be and teach you the necessary tools of how to get there." Read Full Review

Matthew Clark



"I love books that give me 10, 20, 30 techniques to do this or that. The fact that Ali Pervez has provided 81 techniques to improve my marketing efforts is fantastic! The great thing about Get Your Black Belt in Marketing is that each of these approaches is really good! He's gone for quality as well as quantity. I've been successfully marketing my video production company for more than 20 years and honestly, I've discovered many new ideas that have simply blown me away. Thanks Ali for giving me so many innovative ideas to choose from! Great book!"

Irwin M. Myers



"Get Your Black Belt in Marketing tells you how to leverage your marketing. It is simple, effective, and very well written. Keep it on your desk right next to your copy of Guerilla marketing. It's that good!

David L. Hancock, Founder Morgan James Publishing
Co-Author of Guerilla Marketing for Authors



"For more than a decade I have read a minimum of 100 business books a year. I would absolutely put this book on my "must read." It is simple, pragmatic, and full of valuable marketing information. You will definitely find fantastic and powerful tools inside."

John Spence
Author, Consultant, Speaker



"I learned more about Marketing from Ali Pervez then I learned from any professor while completing my Bachelor of Business Administration, and Master of Business Administration degrees."

Jonathan Harden, Sr. MBA
Community Banker, Oakland CA
Citibank, 1994-1997



"Ali is truly a master when it comes to marketing. Our scientific start up company quickly became a market leader in our niche against multi-billion dollar competitors using Ali's amazing Black Belt moves. To take on formidable competitors and win, you need to read this book!

David Chiang
Chairman of the Board
Sage- N Research



"Having been personally coached and mentored by Ali I know that his moves really work. This book is the next best thing to having him work with you. It's invaluable!

Joyce Jackson
#1 International Best Selling Author



"Ali Pervez shows profound understanding of the importance of marketing and its relationship to sales and advertising. It is a twenty-first century look at the realities of today's marketplace.

Jack Nadel
Author, Founder Jack Nadel International



"Sometimes, you get some of the best things in life when you are least expecting them. Recently, I met such a happy accident (serendipity, I must say). I was searching someone at Twitter when I noticed a bit familiar name Ali Pervez. I came to know that he is author of Get Your Black Belt in Marketing. I went to his website and couple of other sites and I got intrigued about the provocative and far-out contents of the book. I just finished reading this great treatise on marketing. Awesome and Terrific are small and insignificant words while describing the wisdom behind 81 Moves of Get Your Black Belt in Marketing. The entire book is full of common sense wisdom which we conveniently ignore while studying the complex marketing theories..." Read Full Review

Ashraf Chaudhry
Pakistan's Premier Sales Trainer & Author of The Craft of Selling "Yourself"


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