Book Introduction


When the student is ready, the master will appear. Now it's your turn to earn your Black Belt in Marketing. All it takes is eighty-one moves!


The mere fact that you are reading this book tells me a lot about you. You are most probably in the top 1 percent of business people in the world, because you have figured out the connection between sales and marketing: marketing is no more than a tool used to generate sales. Congratulations, you have passed your first test in earning your Black Belt in marketing!


I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your teacher. You won't be disappointed. I intend to give back far more than you could ever expect from me. I am a Black Belt Marketer, and one of my credos is that I can only become successful when you are successful. I am here to ensure your success.


What is Black Belt Marketing?


In martial arts, a Black Belt is a high honor and the ultimate in selfdefense. As a Black Belt Marketer, you will know and work with proven revenue-generating strategies. Using the techniques in this book will almost certainly generate significant revenue for your organization. Black Belt Marketing professionals are highly trained in the most powerful and cutting-edge marketing tools available and know how to get maximum results with minimal effort. The magic word Black Belt Marketing professionals use is leverage, or the ability to get a lot from a little. Highly trained martial arts Black Belts can drop a person to the floor in two moves. In the same way, Black Belt Marketers are not people you want to compete with, because they have immense marketing muscle and know how to handle the competition. In fact, there usually is no competition. Mastering just a few of the moves in this book will change the way you market forever.


In life we don't become successful by working hard, we become successful by making the right moves. In this book, you will learn eighty-one powerful marketing moves. Why eighty-one moves? Because it takes eighty-one moves to earn a first-degree Tae Kwon Do Black Belt. Coincidentally, when I studied the most powerful moves to generate sales revenue, I also came up with eighty-one moves.


Through history, marketing has gone through three main phases:


Phase 1: Old-School Marketing

How to write advertisements that sell and how to broadcast those messages to as many people as possible. "Get the message out."


Phase 2: Modern-Day Marketing

How to get through to busy people and make them buy in the shortest possible time.


Phase 3: Black Belt Marketing

Helping and serving others to the highest degree possible. Solving their problems and knowing that their success is your success. Providing maximum value in the shortest period of time. Building long-term, and lasting, relationships.


Black Belt Marketers use the tools of marketing to bring value to the marketplace. They are experts in seeing and seizing opportunities faster than others do.


Most business owners think that having a great product will guarantee success. But having a great product, service, or idea will get you only halfway there. The other half is convincing the market, for only then will you be able to sell it. This book will teach you the other half of the equation: How to sell your product by using the most powerful and cutting-edge marketing techniques on the planet.


You will learn simple and proven revenue-generating strategies: Strategies that have been and are currently being used by some of the world's top corporations, marketing gurus, and advertising agencies. These people understand that marketing in the business world is only a tool used to generate sales. Once you master the moves in this book, you will realize that Black Belt Marketing is just a legal license to print money, and it's all about focus!


These marketing moves have been used for centuries and are rarely discussed in the public forum, because they are truly worth millions of dollars for those who choose to apply them.


In today's business world there is little downtime to formulate a plan on how to generate sales revenue. Yet most revenue-generating strategies have been tried, tested, and proven. During a live talk in London in 1952, the late Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the winner of the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize, was asked, "Doctor, what is the biggest challenge in our society today?" His response: "People do not think."


That was well over fifty years ago, but the same applies today. People react instead of thinking through a response. We live in a reactionary world that makes it is easier not to think than to think. That is why this book does the thinking for you. All the moves in this book have been thought out, because Black Belt Marketers fight with their minds, not with their hands or feet. Those who succeed in business know that a little bit of intelligence can go a long way in marketing.


My passion is to empower as many people as possible to market effectively in business, personal, and social arenas. Although this book focuses on business, the concept of marketing in all arenas is the same: to bring value to others.


Each move could actually be a book in itself, and some are. Some moves are simple. Others are complex and take practice to master. It often takes years to earn a Black Belt in the martial arts. In the same way, it takes a lot of practice for someone to master these marketing moves. Certain moves will work better for certain types of businesses, but nearly all the moves can be applied, irrespective of business type and size. Start applying the moves, and you will see an immediate change in the way the market responds to you.


After you finish this book, you will never market the same again. Instead, you will be a Black Belt Marketer. You'll be able to cut through the marketing noise and clutter and focus on revenue-generating strategies that actually bring in the success you deserve!


I hold the belief that you achieve great success when you concentrate your power to implement and exploit basic ideas to the maximum degree possible.


What I am about to teach you is the power of simplicity and logic. Thank you for allowing me to be your MGM: Marketing Grand Master.


Good luck! Let us now begin.
Ali Pervez
Marketing Grand Master



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