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What is Black Belt Marketing?

For the past 20 years I have been in the trenches of marketing, traveled through 22 different countries around the globe, and done every type of marketing project that you can possibly imagine. This includes everything from mundane market research for new product and market opportunities to developing high level strategic marketing plans, and multi-million dollar product launches with some of the worlds most famous and prestigious companies in their respective fields. I am still in the trenches today as a marketing consultant, and not just a platform speaker or coach.


I have always held a fascination as to what works, and what doesn't work, when it comes to marketing, and revenue generation.


Over the last five years I completely immersed myself in the study of marketing and have spent over 10,000 hours in the reading and studying of marketing texts, audios and seminars. My research included the work of legendary marketing icons Claude Hopkins, Eugene Schwartz, Clyde Badell, David Ogilvy, Jay Abraham, Jay Conrad Levinson, and others. My conclusion is that we need to return back to the basics and fundamentals of marketing, and that all the revenue generating moves are proven. They just have not been brought together in a book. But now they have!


Black Belt Marketing is marketing that is proven to work, and is guaranteed to get you maximum results with minimal time, effort, and money. In today's economy you cannot afford to be reactive and wait for things to happen, you need to be proactive and make things happen. You need to protect your customers, clients and prospects more than any other time in our marketing history. And you need to bring more value to the marketplace than anyone else can or will. The old style of marketing is no longer going to work. You need to change your mind-set when it comes to marketing. Today you need to be a Black Belt Marketer just to survive!


You also need to know that marketing is not a game or gamble, it is a science, an exact science, where you can reasonably predict the outcome of any marketing program. As a trained scientist I will show you the similarities. For example, simple testing will tell you what works, and what will not work. Just like a scientific experiment.


Black Belt Marketing is built on rigorous marketing principles that are time tested and proven. Black Belt Marketing is simply a business building system that works! It is built on six core pillars:





These are the same characteristics that it takes to earn a Black Belt in marshal arts. Black Belt Marketers will do what they need to protect their prospects, customers, and clients. The approach to Black Belt Marketing is best summarized in the Black Belt Marketer Credo, something you must take before you become a Black Belt Marketer.


The Black Belt Marketing Credo


"I will never abuse or misuse the power of marketing. It will always be used for the benefit and good of mankind."


"I will have others' interests ahead of my own interests at all times. I am here to serve others."


"I will use the power that Black Belt Marketing gives me to bring to market products and services that I know will make a positive difference in the lives of others."


"I will defend products and services that can add positive value to the lives of others. I understand they cannot talk; I am their voice."


"I will uphold to the highest ethical standards of marketing and make a positive contribution to the field of marketing."


"I know marketing brings good things to life. It is what makes the invisible visible and the visible valuable. I am grateful to have the power to make this happen."


"I am grateful to all the marketing masters—past, present, and future—for making this world a better place."


Most importantly Black Belt Marketing is all about making a difference. It is about being seen as a business partner, not a vendor. It is about being your friend! It is about having clients not customers. The difference? Customers are for the moment, Clients are for life. This is Move #3 in the book.


Black Belt Marketing will certainly give you the power to be an effective marketer, your competition will for the first time, really start to fear you. But you must use your Black Belt in Marketing for the right reasons, to help improve someone else's life- and make a difference for the better.

Your Friend,

Master Ali Pervez

Author, Get Your Black Belt in Marketing


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